Palm Beach Women of Faith

Join us for coffee & dessert with

Lyette Reback speaking on

November 13 @ 7pm, 2014

11149 Turtle Beach Rd
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

$15: Please bring check or cash to the event

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All proceeds support local women's ministry: Epic Beauty

Epic Beauty

Featured Speaker:

Lyette Reback

Jordon Rubin

Lyette is a mother to 15 children who loves her country dearly. After struggling with infertility, she started simply enough as a mother to one. Not long into her parenting journey she began to believe that God could use the children she was raising to change the country.

With vision, purpose, determination and common sense she and her husband David began teaching parenting classes and ministering to families. Their service grew into a ministry, now known as Believe With Me, where Lyette asks moms and dads to believe that we can build a better nation through stronger parenting principles. Lyette's book, "Please God, Don't Let Me Screw This Up" will be released early 2015.

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